EXILE.Z – A Better Home CD Release

The paradox of this world is that from the harshest of places can come the sincerest love, hope and appreciation. And on April 28, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. the world/ethnic music collective EXILE.Z will say “Thank You Canada (and especially Manitoba),” for the opportunity of a lifetime. The release of the group’s debut CD, entitled “A Better Home,” will be celebrated at the Franco-Manitoba Cultural Centre (Jean-Paul Aubrey Room) with velvet-smooth, contemporary R&B and Pop vibes that are rooted in traditional African music. The event is free of charge.

A Better Home” is a CD dedicated to our First Nations, our seniors and earlier generations of Canadians who have worked and continue working tirelessly to build this beautiful country. “With this release EXILE.Z wishes to express our gratefulness for the work you have done building up Canada and welcoming in the world,” says Serge Kaptegaine, head of the Canadian Center for Refugee Employment (CCRE). More than just empty words, they also plan on donating a large portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD to a number of different local social and charitable organizations.

The group’s front-man, Gentil Missigaro, is a relatively new refugee from war-torn Congo who now, at 22 years old, resides in Manitoba. When asked about Winnipeg’s extreme weather Missigaro replied, “(w)hen you’re afraid of being killed most of your life, winter isn’t that bad.” First exiled from East Congo to Rwanda at the age of 6 due to ethnic and political conflict, Gentil’s story is full of struggle and hardship. He and his family have witnessed riots, killings and a host of other atrocities. And though the journey to a “better home” (i.e. Manitoba) was long, difficult and at times frustrating, Gentil’s positivity, hope and most importantly his love for music, got him through it all. A self-taught musician and singer, Missigaro wrote, produced and sang on a majority of the new six-song CD.

EXILE.Z (pronounced “Exile Zed” – meaning the last exile) will be an on-going project run through the CCRE, and will include refugees to Canada with musical backgrounds and skills. Currently consisting of five members, the project will continue to release new music in the hope of educating and inspiring the public. “I want to bring light to the darkness in people’s hearts and minds, and bring hope and courage to the whole world,” says Missigaro. The CD “A Better Home” will be available for download through iTunes, online music stores, and the group’s website www.EXILEZMusic.com. Physical CDs will be sold at the CD release party and will also be available in local retailers.

For more information contact the Canadian Center for Refugee Employment Inc.

Attn: Serge Kaptegaine – 158 Fort St Winnipeg, MB R3C 1C9 – Ph: 204-944-0079 – Email: serge@refugeeemployment.com


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