Promoting, Encouraging, and Coordinating Refugee’s Employment

On April 11th, 2011, Ref – Nyota announced that their Board of Directors approved a name change to the Canadian Centre for Refugee Employment Inc. (CCRE).

The organization will immediately begin operating under this new name, and will continue to serve refugees by promoting, encouraging, and coordinating refugee’s employment.

The name change was considered imperative by the Board of Directors as we have moved from a profit to a non-profit organization in order to allow ourselves to work in partnership with community programs,” say Serge Kaptegaine, Executive Director.  “While our name has changed, our unwavering commitment to providing meaningful employment for refugees has not.

Organization officials were careful to emphasize that Ref – Nyota was not bought by another company, and that CCRE is run by the same people with the same mission that their clients and partners have come to know and rely on.  The organization will be calling partners and sending letters to confirm the change.

Beyond the name, the most visible change that people will see is the new logo,” said Kaptegaine.  “The logo incorporates two faces; the first face depicts happiness prior to becoming a refugee, and the second face depicts happiness as a refugee, along with a refusal to remain a victim.”

Together with its new logo and name, the CCRE has also launched a new program called the Skills Mentorship Program for Refugees (SMPR).  This is the first initiative of its kind for refugees, and it is designed to hone the skills of refugees living in Manitoba, by providing them with the opportunity to learn from successful, experienced members of the business community.

The SMPR is designed to enable mentees and mentors to learn from one another in a relaxed manner.  This program allows refugees to discover important aspects of the Canadian workforce culture, gain access to professional training, work on developing a business plan for a new business, and much more.

The SMPR also gives mentors the opportunity to make a genuine contribution toward developing refugee’s skills, and creating Manitoba into a better place to work for any newcomer.

“We believe in providing refugees with the opportunity to find employment reflective of their skills, and since our inauguration in 2010, many refugees have and continue to benefit our services,” explains Kaptegaine.

The Canadian Centre for Refugee Employment is located at 158 Fort Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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